Imperial Cities and Middle Atlas Tour

Imperial Cities and Middle Atlas Tour

The imperial cities of Morocco are cities designated as capital cities (âsima), at different times by different monarchs from the Moroccan dynasties ( Idrissides, Almoravids, Almohades, Mérinides, Saadiens and Alaouites),

Discover the imperial cities of Morocco,is to immerse oneself in the history and culture of an ancestral civilization.

while crossing a territory of breathtaking landscapes from the snow-covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains to the green shores of the Mediterranean.

1st day: Visit of the imperial city of Marrakech

Departure from your hotel at 8:30 am, visit of the Jardin Majorelle, Palmeraie circuit (possibility to go for a nice camel ride), Mosque of the Koutoubia (entrance allowed only to Muslims), Saadian Tombs, Bahia Palace, the old Jewish quarter (mellah), the Place de Ferblantiers, the old French districts (wintering and the Guel).

2nd day: Visit of the imperial city of Rabat

Departure from Marrakech at 7:30 am, after 2h1/2 of a road we will stop to visit the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca, religious and cultural complex, built on 9 hectares and which includes a prayer room, an ablutions room, baths, a Koranic school (madrasa), a library and a museum. 5th largest mosque in the world, its minaret is the highest in the world (201m high). After this beautiful stop we will cross the economic capital of the kingdom and we will continue the road until Rabat (Administrative capital of Morocco and 3rd imperial city of Morocco after Marrakech and Fez), visit the Mausoleum Mohamed V and Hassan II, the Mosque Hassan and we will stop on the square of the Grand Royal Palace. Night in Rabat.

3rd day: Visit of the imperial city of Meknes – Fez

Departure from Rabat at 8:30 am, we will take the highway to the city of Meknes, visit monuments of the capital Ismaili and we will continue our route to visit the ruins of Volubilis (ancient Berber city, the archaeological site of Volubilis is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO). Return to Meknes and we will continue on our way to Fez. Night in Fez

4th day: Visit of the imperial city of Fez

Meeting at 9:00 am with a local guide who will accompany us to discover this wonderful capital founded in the 8th century. Night in Fez.

5th day: Night in the Middle Atlas Atlas Lake Ouiwane

At 9:00 am we will leave the town of Fez to Lake Ouiwane, by the RN 8 we will climb the chain of the Middle Atlas passing by the town of Imouzer, the town of Ifrane(two small towns created at the time of the French protectorate) and we will still sink in the Middle Atlas by a small forest road (monkey trail), to cross the National Park of Ifrane (Park located in the heart of the mountains in full karstic causse, representative of the beauty of the Middle Atlas, the national park of Ifrane shelters in particular the biggest forest of cedars of the kingdom). Arriving at Lake Ouiwane for a night at the Habibi inhabitant’s house at the beginning of Khenifra National Park (this park shelters mammals such as the panther, the striped hyena, the monkey, birds such as the golden eagle, reptiles and amphibians…).

The Habibi family, is a Berber family of great traditions; a beautiful typical Moroccan house built on the west bank of the lake offering a superb view on this lake surrounded by mountains covered with cedar forests of the atlas.

Lake Ouiwane is a body of water, the Aguelmame small swamp rich in vegetation, fed by small limnocrean springs at the bottom of a depression, semi-artificial 16 ha, shallow (14m). The water is eutrophic and rich in aquatic vegetation: Potamogeton Pectinatus, Myriophyllum Spicatum.

 Day 6: Lake Ouiwane, Khénifra, Beni-Mellal, Cascades d’ Ouzoud, Marrakech

At 9:00 am you will leave Lake Ouiwane for the city of Khénifra through Khénifra National Park, this crossing will be punctuated by a visit to the sources of Um Rbiaa,Lake Aguelmame Azegza and Lake Ajdir. Pause in the capital of the Middle Atlas Khénifra, then we will take the RN 8 up to Beni-Mellal where we will stop for a superb panoramic view overlooking the city and the plain of Tadla.

After this beautiful stop we will continue our way to visit the waterfalls of Ouzoud and go down to Marrakech.

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